7 Most Common Cleaning Mistakes

When you have your long-established routine, you probably don’t think it through every time you start tidying up. It has become your habit, so you just do the usual tasks. However, there’s probably at least one mistake in your routine that you’re not even aware of.  

One of the ways to make sure your home gets proper care is to opt for a reliable company that offers residential house cleaning in Olympia, WA. Whether you go for pros or not, it’s important to be aware of what you should avoid when tackling your chores. Let’s dive right in!

What should you not do when cleaning

What should you not do when cleaning?

No matter how tried-and-true your methods may be, chances are they’re not up to scratch. Check out these 7 mistakes and improve your routine:

  1. Hot water on stains

While this may seem counterintuitive, using hot water to remove a stain may help it set instead of lifting it. This is especially true for protein‐based stains such as blood. Next time you need to deal with one, make sure you use cold water. 

  1. Removing mold with bleach

Many commercial products for mold removal contain bleach and while it does remove surface mold, it doesn’t reach any deeper. It only decolorates fungi while they’re still lurking. What’s more, bleach can damage porous materials such as grout and help the mold spread even deeper. 

Instead of bleach, feel free to use white vinegar. It kills mold efficiently and it’s safer for porous materials.

  1. Leaving too little time for the job

When it comes to disinfectants, many people tend to spray a surface and wipe it off immediately. The truth is, every disinfecting product needs time to work. To get the best efficiency, the time required varies between products, so always check the label for instructions. 

  1. Insufficient ventilation

Making sure the room you’re tending to is properly ventilated is essential for your health. Products that contain ingredients such as bleach or ammonia release fumes that can irritate your airways, but also cause more severe health issues. To ensure proper airflow, open a window, leave the door open, or turn on the vent fan. 

  1. Going the opposite direction

Whichever area of your home you’re dealing with, always start from the top and work your way down to the bottom. If you go the other way round, dust, crumbs, and other debris will find their way to your freshly vacuumed floor and you’ll end up vacuuming twice instead of once. 

  1. Neglecting your vacuum

Keeping your vacuum in good condition ensures it works efficiently, but giving it a proper clean‐up is easy to forget. The best way to avoid neglecting it is to include this task in your checklist. Make sure you wash the filters and empty the canister at least once a month. If you have a model with a bag, replace the bag once it’s about two‐thirds full. 

  1. Dusting with a dry cloth

If you use a dry cloth to remove dust, you’ll simply spread it around, but you also risk scratching the surface. The most efficient way to remove dirt and dust is to slightly dampen a microfiber cloth and wipe down your surfaces. 

Who offers comprehensive residential house cleaning in Olympia

Who offers comprehensive residential house cleaning in Olympia, WA?

If you’re not sure how to schedule your tasks for best efficiency, or how often you should tackle different areas, feel free to reach out to American Maid Service of Olympia. We’ll be happy to answer your questions and give your home the treatment it deserves. Leave the chores to our skilled professionals while you take some time off by Capitol Lake. Call now 360-236-1337!