How Often Should You Clean Your Home?

The optimum frequency of upkeep tasks depends on many factors such as whether you live alone, have a big family, or keep pets. However, there are certain guidelines you can follow and customize to the needs of your household. 

With many reliable companies in Olympia, Washington offering comprehensive house cleaning services, reaching out to one of them is a great way to ensure the regular care your home needs. However, modifying your routine to the exact frequency that works for you is essential to keep your environment healthy. Read on and find out how often to tackle different areas

How often should I clean different areas

How often should I clean different areas?

With the help of a good tasking schedule and the right frequency, your home will always be spick and span. Have a look at these guidelines and correct your routine accordingly:

Daily chores

While regular upkeep is essential, it doesn’t mean you need to repeat the entire schedule every single day. However, there are certain tasks you should do on a daily basis:

Weekly chores

Wiping down the surfaces on a daily basis helps keep your home orderly and hygienic, but giving them a more intensive weekly treatment is necessary to control germs and bacteria. Here’s what to tackle every week:

Bi‐weekly chores

There are certain tasks you don’t need to do daily, but ignoring them altogether would be a mistake. Do the following at least twice a week:

Monthly chores

The following actions should take place at least once a month, but if you have pets or suffer from allergies, you should consider repeating some of them more often:

Annual chores

Depending on your own habits and the size of your family, there are also tasks that you should perform periodically:

To sum up, how often you should follow your daily, weekly, or monthly schedule, depends on the activities of your family. If you’re away most of the day, you won’t have to do that much scrubbing, but if you stay at home with kids and pets, you’ll definitely need to do it more frequently. 

What companies in Olympia offer reliable house cleaning services

What companies in Olympia, Washington offer reliable house cleaning services?

Whether you’re not sure about your monthly chores, or just want to avoid any mistakes on your way, American Maid Service of Olympia is the team you need. Our efficient approach and highly professional staff make us stand out and ensure the satisfaction of our clients. Take a well-deserved rest and relax at the Watershed Park while we take care of your home. Give us a call now! 

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