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We’ve been cleaning homes in Olympia, WA since 1993.


Houses cleaned all over Olympia, WA!

About Us

In 1993, American Maid Service of Olympia was founded to help homeowners in Olympia, Lacey, and other nearby cities maintain a healthy home. Now, after almost 30 years of house cleaning, we’ve served tens of thousands of happy homeowners and are always ready to take on the next challenge.

American Maid Service of Olympia isn’t like any other cleaning company, we’re a pet-centric company focused on providing the best service possible both for you and your pets. When you choose us (pet owner or not), you can count on friendly faces at your door ready to get the job done in the best possible way. And for those pet owners we work with, we’ll make sure that your furry family member(s) is taken care of throughout our visit. We’ll be sure to keep chemicals and other cleaning supplies out of their reach, as well as giving them some extra loving along the way.

Making an impact beyond house cleaning!

The team behind our company is composed of pet loving individuals. In fact, we even go as far as to only hire people who absolutely love pets, this way you know that your pets are in good hands. We don’t discriminate either. Dogs, cats, birds, turtles, hamsters, and gerbils – we love them all (well… snakes and spiders may be an exception)!

To show just how much we love pets, we’ve even started a foundation called “Forever Fed” that works to keep pets, of all kinds, fed and healthy.

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Our 200% Satisfaction Guarantee

American Maid Service of Olympia guarantees customer satisfaction in every home we clean. We are so confident you will love our service that we offer our incredible 200% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you’re not completely satisfied, we clean your home again for free. If you’re still not satisfied, we will refund 100% of your payment.

Our Olympia House Cleaning Team

Each of our team members is trained and comes to your home fully bonded and insured. Our teams are guided by a number of ethical standards to ensure we deliver the best possible customer experience every time we come to your home. To see all team members at American Maid Service of Olympia, click here.


Owner – 1993

I am proud to work with the people I do and to provide the services we do. My passion for cleaning homes began at the age of 11. It was how I stood out from my 7 siblings!


General Manager – 1998

With over 26 years clean and sober, Mindy has dedicated her life to American Maid Service of Olympia and the people who work day in and day out to help you have a better life.


Operations Manager – 2015

Michele started out in the field and a part-time office assistant. Over the years, she has taken on many roles including employee management, sales & operations.


Supplies Manager – 2011

Heather does all of our purchaing & supply management. Over the years she has worked in both field & office. She recently purchased property with her partner & is teaching her children how to build a life on it. 


Cleaning Professional – 2021

Jamiah is very personable & her attention to detail is AMAZING!! She loves to go on little adventures in nature & hopes to someday have a career in Psychology. 


Cleaning Professional – 2021

Kinli is out-going with a bubbly personality. She enjoys cooking & spending time with family.


Cleaning Professional – 2022

Chloe is very consistent & easy-going. She enjoys going to festivals, spending time with her dog & camping.



Cleaning Professional – 2023

Sadie is very down-to-earth. She is currently enrolled in college in Environmental Science & enjoys drawing & naps in her free time.


Cleaning Professional & Trainer – 2023

Shy is our current trainer & all-around happy human!! She is very family-oriented & loves to draw.



Cleaning Professional – 2023

Alyssa is full of smiles & really focuses on quality. Wants to buy a large property & start an animal rescue. She enjoys painting & hiking in her free time.


Cleaning Professional – 2023

Karen is quiet but don’t let that fool you!! She is a previous cleaning business owner who just really prefers to clean instead of running a business. Bonus for us!! In her free time, Karen enjoys tennis & long boarding.

More About American Maid

We have 2 product lines. One is a traditional line of chemicals that includes all the scary stuff, but we use the least offensive product that will get the job done to your specifications. We also carry a Green line of chemicals if you would prefer that option. We are able to clean naturally as well, an especially nice option if you are highly sensitive. We provide all cloths, brushes, equipment etc. If you prefer that we use your products we will need the MSDS to remain OSHA compliant. 

Nice and easy – no lock-out fees, no late-cancel fees, no travel charges, no service fees, no returned check fees, no penalties, etc. as long as your service remains the same. You are welcome to add on additional service at any time for your locked-in current rate. If you decide to change your service, we’re happy to do that for you.

We really want you to come home and feel like it’s the best part of your day to walk in after we’ve been there. We think the scent of fresh-baked cookies and a little nibble before you set out to cook dinner or help with homework can help you get to that place if you let it – just relax for 5 minutes. There are so few times in our day that we simply enjoy!

We really want our people to feel as though they are part of a Team, that we all are working for the same Game Plan of making you feel like the most important one. We’re comfy, we’re tidy, and we like to have fun – you’ll get used to us, and you’ll never want to lose us.

Big Teams can get in and out of your house quickly. Because we have such long term employees and this job is so mechanical, it helps our Teams to stay on track with the task at hand. They don’t get tired or distracted the way Single maids do because they aren’t in the home long enough to lose focus. Think about driving home from work and realizing you don’t even remember the drive – uh oh! We don’t want that to happen so we mix it up, keep it quick, and continuously update them with your fresh perspective!

The Team Coach will leave the broken item on the counter (if possible) along with a carbonless note. The copy will be brought back to the office. We ask you to decide how you’d like the situation handled. We can replace the item, reimburse you for it or credit your account for the amount +10%. You decide and we’ll do it – unless it’s a coffee pot. Those are replaced before the end of the day if at all possible because we know how awful it is not to have coffee!

We are scheduled to be closed 3 days per year. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day. You can count on us to be there on your regularly scheduled day, just like clock-work. The only other reason we may close is for weather related emergencies. We follow the Olympia School District for late-starts and the Dept. of Transportation (DOT) for weather advisories. If they say we can’t be on the road, then we stay off, but it happens rarely – 3 times in 19 years!

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