Your Monthly Cleaning Checklist

We all enjoy being in a tidy and hygienic environment, but it usually implies doing chores around your home on a daily basis. However, you don’t need to deal with every single spot every day or every week since there are certain tasks you can fit into a monthly plan

Hiring a professional house cleaning service at a reliable company in Olympia is always a great way to take a huge load off your back. Even then, you should know which parts of your home require attention only once a month. Keep on reading! 

What cleaning should be done monthly

What cleaning should be done monthly?

These tasks usually include areas that are easy to forget such as light fixtures and ceiling fans. To ensure an optimal and reasonable clean-up schedule, have a look at this list of activities:. 

Light fixtures

This is a very quick activity where you only need to wipe down the fixtures using a damp cloth or remove the pan and wash it. This way, you’ll get rid of any insects that got trapped and give it a thorough wipe-down. As a result of this minor effort, the lighting will be much brighter.

Air vents

The area around the air vents accumulates dust easily. To prevent it from spreading around, wipe down the vent, as well as the wall around it. Use your vacuum’s upholstery attachment to clean the grates and the inside of the vent. 


Even if you don’t have small children, your walls probably have at least a couple of marks somewhere around your home. It can be anything from furniture scuffs to food splatter. Look for your marks and spot clean them. 

Deep dusting

Apart from the usual knick knacks that you should do on a weekly basis, once in a month you should reach a bit deeper and deal with the areas such as behind appliances and furniture, ceiling, doors, baseboards, and hidden corners. 


Furniture is the perfect place for dust to really settle in deeply. However, if you give it a thorough vacuuming every month, you’ll reduce it to the minimum. Moreover, if you reach into the crevices and behind cushions, there may be a couple of lost items waiting for you there. 


You should wipe down the inside of your windows, as well as the windowsills. You can go for a commercial glass product, but you can easily go green and make a DIY solution. If you tackle your windows on an overcast day, you’ll be able to minimize the chance of streaking. 

Upholstery and carpet stains

While it’s best to deal with a stain immediately, there are a lot of situations where you simply miss it, so check your carpets and upholstery and see if there are any spots you should treat. Make sure to first test the product you want to use in an inconspicuous area. 


To keep high levels of air quality in your home, but also to ensure your appliances function smoothly, you should check the filters on the air conditioner and the vacuum cleaner every month. Depending on their current state, you’ll need to either clean or replace them. 

What reliable companies offer quality house cleaning in Olympia, WA

What reliable companies offer quality house cleaning in Olympia, WA?

If you’re not sure how often to perform different upkeep tasks around your home, or you’re a beginner and don’t want to make a bigger mess, American Maids of Olympia is here for you. Our highly professional, bonded, and insured staff always go out of their way to tailor our services to our client’s needs. Take your family for a relaxing tour of Squaxin Park while our technicians make sure you come back to a tidy home. Give us a call today!