Cleaning Schedule Guide for Your Home

While keeping your home hygienic can be daunting and overwhelming, it doesn’t really have to be like that. All you need is a well-organized plan to make your schedule less stressful and help you feel accomplished. 

There are quite a few reliable companies in Olympia, WA that offer comprehensive house cleaning, so you can easily opt for one of them to take care of everything for you. Whether you’ll hire professionals or go DIY, you should know how to improve your maintenance routine and schedule, so continue reading. 

What’s a good cleaning schedule?

When you organize your tasks so that you can easily keep track of your progress, everything becomes easier and more motivating. Have a look at this excellent schedule which you can easily adapt to your own needs.

Get ready

Grab a pen and a clipboard and walk around your home taking an inventory of all the rooms and tasks that your schedule should contain. Also, make a list of all the areas that need regular upkeep including stairways, entryways, and hallways. As you write in your tasks, make sure you list them from ceiling to floor, which is the same order you should use during the clean-up. 

Touch up the list

Take your time to finalize the list since it’s the core of the entire venture. To make sure it includes every single corner of your home, here are some tasks that are easy to overlook:

  • Dust ceiling fans, light fixtures, and corner cobwebs
  • Dust door frames and disinfect door handles
  • Wipe down lamp shades, picture frames, blinds, and window sills
  • Disinfect the inside of appliances such as microwave, fridge, and oven

Select the frequency

While there are certain rules about how often to tackle different areas, the actual frequency will depend on your own lifestyle. If you’re a family that’s away most weekdays, you don’t need to tidy up as frequently as a family with small children who stay home. Also, you need to deal with high foot traffic areas such as the bathroom and kitchen more often than the bedrooms or the study. Some areas require your attention only once a month.   

Find your style

Once you have the tasks and frequency, it’s time to discover the how. Here are several options, but you can always modify them or set your own way:

  • Finish everything in one day, or if it’s too much, split it in half and finish in two days. 
  • Take timed sessions. Choose the days you want to clean, as well as for how long. Set the timer for that time and start with your list. Stop when the time’s up and pick up where you left off on the next scheduled day. 
  • Assign different areas to each day you want to be your cleaning day. For example, Monday’s kitchen and laundry, and Tuesday’s dining and living room. 

Stay on track

Practice your schedule and if anything feels wrong or inconvenient, feel free to modify it as you go. Mark your upkeep days on the calendar until they become your routine, but don’t stress if you can’t manage it – you can always reschedule or do a quick sweep instead of a deep clean. 

Where in Olympia, WA can I book comprehensive & cost-effective house cleaning?

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