6 Easy & Efficient Spring Clean Tips

With the first spring rays come a better mood and new energy, but also time to do the big clean. While tidying up the whole house top to bottom may seem overwhelming, it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way. With a couple of handy tricks, you can make it feel easy and even fun. 

An efficient way to make sure your home is thoroughly sanitized is to hire one of the dependable teams in Olympia to do house cleaning for you. Whether you’ll do it on your own or outsource your chore to experienced professionals, the following tips for an easy spring clean may come in handy. Read on and find out more. 

What are the best tips for easy spring clean?

Even if you have years of experience in keeping your home hygienic, you can always improve your methods and try out new tricks. Take a look at these 6 tips to take your routine to the next level.

Use lemon for the microwave

All you need is one lemon and ½ cup of water for your microwave to look as good as new. Cut the lemon in two and squeeze both halves into the water, then add the rind as well. Place in the microwave and let it run for 3 minutes. Don’t open the door just yet – leave it closed for another 5 minutes and then simply wipe down the interior of the oven. 

Degrease the grill with an onion

Get ready for the nice weather by removing any leftover gunk, grease, or caked food particles from your grill. You’ll need to heat up the grill and spray the grates with white vinegar. Next, use one-half of an onion to scrub everything firmly. Finally, rinse with water and dry with a clean cloth. 

Use a squeegee on your carpet

This is especially useful if you have a pet in your home. The rubber will easily remove the hair from your carpet or rug. Grip firmly and slide the squeegee to cover the entire surface removing the hair after each swipe. Finally, run the vacuum to pick up any hair that could still be on the surface.

Tackle hard‐to‐reach areas with a broom

To remove dust and cobwebs from your ceiling fans and room corners and reduce the risk of allergies, grab a towel and wrap it around the bristle part of the broom. Secure it with a rubber band and you’re ready to deal with any area that’s hard to reach. Make sure to occasionally shake off the dirt from the towel. 

Make dusting mitts

Since cotton makes it very easy to trap and remove dust, you can use old socks and turn them into dust mitts. You’ll have much better control while wiping down an area and finish the task much faster. This method is especially great for dealing with blinds ‐ go slat by slat and grab each with the grip of your hand. 

Don’t forget about the walls

You usually focus on horizontal surfaces as you tidy up your place, but your walls also need a bit of your attention. All you need to do is give them a gentle wipe with a damp microfiber cloth to get rid of dust, cobwebs, and handprints. 

What reliable companies in Olympia offer a comprehensive house cleaning service?

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