Starting a Cleaning Routine: Tips and Tricks

What's a good cleaning routine

A clean and tidy home is always a great feeling. But, with all of the other things on your plate (school work, cleaning up after kids), just how are you going to find the time for that? Yet, there is nothing better than when one returns home into an immaculately cleaned and organized house.

Your house in Tumwater can shine with the help of a house cleaning service, but keep in mind that you have to prepare the house before the cleaners come. To make it easier for yourself and to be able to clean your home super fast, keep reading and learn how to get a cleaning routine.

What’s a good cleaning routine?

Before we jump into the tips and tricks, it’s important to define what a cleaning routine is. A good cleaning routine will include a variety of tasks that vary in difficulty level. It should be something you can realistically complete for an hour or two every day, without feeling overwhelmed by the work involved. This will help keep your house clean and tidy so that you don’t have to spend hours each week just trying to catch up on all the things you’ve been neglecting.

How do I start a cleaning routine?

If you opt for a cleaning service, you will still need to maintain cleanliness and freshness after a visit to a professional. That is why it is very important that you adopt the habit of cleaning. Although some people might think that a good cleaning routine is a myth – it’s not and it can make your life so much easier!

Here are some tips on how you should go about starting and maintaining a good cleaning routine for your home.

Create a plan 

Establishing a schedule will be key in helping to maintain a clean home. Try setting aside fifteen minutes or an hour every day (or even just on weekends) where all of your tasks will need to get done by the end of that hour. This will keep things from piling up and causing you to feel overwhelmed when something inevitably doesn’t get completed in time. It also helps visualize your progress as you complete each task throughout the week so there’s more motivation not to slack off during other days if something isn’t getting done.

Practice time management 

Keep your floor plan, and maybe even a sketch of where everything is in the house handy when starting out. This will help with figuring out how long tasks should take as well as keep yourself from forgetting items that need cleaning or picking them up by accident. It also helps if you have something nearby that can track time so that you know when to start wrapping things up for the day.

Clean as you go 

Get into the habit of cleaning as you go. If you make a mess, try wiping it down with a damp cloth or paper towel right away (and don’t forget to keep some handy). This will make cleaning up much easier later on. It’s also important that this becomes a regular task. No matter what type of surface you’re dealing with, start with one section of the house and work your way around. 

Determine the right frequency 

A good rule of thumb for how often surfaces should be cleaned: countertops every day, floors/rugs at least once a week using an appropriate cleaner, furniture twice a year with traditional polish and sofas/couches four times a year with the appropriate cleaner.

How do I start a cleaning routine

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