A Complete Guide to Cleaning Your House Fast

How do you clean your house super fast

We all want to spend more time on the things we enjoy, right? So if you are tired of standing over a sink full of dishes or mopping the floor for an hour only to realize that you have made no progress in your cleanliness efforts, then this blog post is for you.

Whether you have no time to book one of the house cleaning services or you just want to clean your house in Tumwater as fast as you can – keep reading and we will share with you our tips and tricks to clean up your house fast!

How do you clean your house super fast?

If you decide to call someone to assist you, be aware that you need to tidy up the home before the arrival of the cleaners, and you will also need to keep the house clean after the experts leave

If you haven’t developed a good cleaning checklist in order to clean things quickly, you’ll need to use some common sense tactics. Here’s what to look for:

  • Cleaning supplies: Get yourself a cleaning bucket with all the essentials built in so that it is easy and simple to not forget anything when prepping for an important job. Just load up everything at once!
  • Start with the area that needs it most: When you’re searching for a way to clean your house fast – this is how you should start. This means if there is something like dog hair on all of the furniture or an overflowing trash can in one room then focus your efforts there and keep going. Otherwise, you’ll get distracted by other tasks which might not be as important at first glance but are still needed just as much (especially when cleaning).
  • Clean as you go: Don’t let messes pile up or you’ll never get them done. A great way to do this is to put on some music, pour coffee into a thermos (or make tea), and drink while doing dishes or sweeping floors. Whatever chore needs to be done next should have its own designated song queue in order from the start point/endpoint of the task.
  • Clean up the clutter: Put away what’s out so that things don’t pile up again – this will allow you to finally make some progress in our quest for cleaner living space instead of being stuck with more work than when you started.
  • Vacuum & mop: Start with a vacuum cleaner that has an easy attachment system so you don’t have to move around the whole room at once (you’ll save tons of time!). For mopping, go ahead and use a traditional bucket – it works just as well as any machine. 
  • Polish furniture: You can use a good old-fashioned cloth or an upholstery brush and some wood furniture cleaner – just spray it on and wipe it off with a dry cloth.
Where can I find trustworthy house cleaning services in Tumwater

Where can I find trustworthy house cleaning services in Tumwater?

Are you too busy to handle chores on a daily basis, especially after a long day at work? Wouldn’t you like someone to do the dishes, laundry, clean your windows and mop the floors for you? Instead, you can walk with your family to the Old Brewhouse Tower and enjoy a nice day. Take a deep breath now as we will take care of everything from here!

American Maid Service is an experienced house cleaning company that offers detailed and carefully personalized cleaning processes. With 200% Iron-Clad, No-Risk, More-Than-Your-Money Back Guarantee and customizable cleaning processes with green cleaning products, we can meet your any need. We will make sure your home looks immaculate every single time. So give us a call today and schedule an appointment!