The Key Dos & Don’ts of Home Cleaning

There are people that are pretty regular about home maintenance and maybe even find it relaxing and enjoyable. However, due to how taxing keeping your home in shape can be and the fact that daily schedules can be very busy, many people struggle with house cleaning in Lacey, WA.

No matter which one you are, housekeeping is a thing you have to do, at least sometimes. In order to make it less burdensome if you find it hard, or just to offer additional tips if you’re the kind of person to enjoy it, the text ahead talks about important things to keep in mind about home maintenance.

What are the do and don’ts of cleaning?

Ahead are some very important tips related to keeping your home in perfect shape, sorted into short lists of dos and don’ts to help with the tasks you have ahead.

The dos

  • Follow safety tips: The most important thing is to stay safe while doing any kind of chores. Be careful about moving furniture and handling tools so as to not hurt yourself, but pay special attention to how you use products and solutions. Many of them can harm you if not used correctly, so always read labels and be careful.
  • Always start from the dirtiest rooms: This is both because the hardest task should never be left to be the last and because scrubbing the grimiest room the last will spread dirt around the house after it’s already been dealt with. Always start with the bathrooms and the kitchen, or clean your child’s messy room first, and finish with the rooms that aren’t as dirty.
  • Use the right tools and products: Not every product and tool is designed for every surface, and using the wrong kind can damage your furniture and appliances or be hazardous. That’s why you should do some research on the purpose, way of working, and some history of house maintenance products and tools.

The don’ts

  • Start without any plan: While a sudden energy kick can feel like just a jumpstart you need to start your home maintenance, doing so on a whim and without any planning will get you nowhere. As housekeeping isn’t a single task that can be done in fifteen minutes, having at least a vague plan is always a good idea.
  • Resort to quick fixes: It’s understandable if you are short on time and you decide to just give your kitchen sink a quick wipe instead of a thorough scrub this time. However, doing that all the time is never a solution. Have a plan of often and properly tidying up certain areas, and only use touch-ups in between.
  • Use the strongest agent for everything: Stronger products may clean all the dirt and disinfect, but they shouldn’t be used unless necessary. They also cause more damage to materials and health and more harm to the environment. If possible, you should always use products with a safer ingredient list.

Who are skilled professionals that can help me with house cleaning in Lacey, WA?

If you find keeping your house in shape hard or close to impossible, whether it’s because of the nature of the chores or you simply don’t have the time, it may be time to reach out to American Maid Service of Olympia. Per your request, a team of expert maids can come by and scrub your home until it’s spotless.

Whether it’s a short weekly job or a seasonal deep clean, we got you covered. Feel free to destress from a hard workday by spending a day at the Lacey Museum, and leaving the chores to professionals and our tried and effective methods that leave every client satisfied.