House Cleaning Safety: 3 Time-Tested Tips

Every house has at least one thing in common, they all require regular maintenance. Whether you decide to handle the upkeep yourself or hire a Lacey, WA Maid Service to help is up to you, but all cleaning chores are similar. Safety during cleaning is one often overlooked aspect. The following text will cover some vital safety tips.

How do you stay safe while cleaning?

Whether you decide to scrub your bathroom or kitchen or tidy up your child’s room today, there are some vital dos and don’ts of home cleaning you should keep in mind. This applies to the aspect of safety as well.

Because most tasks are intuitive and products are easily obtainable, people tend to forget that not being careful can impact their health. The health of children and pets also comes into play here. The following list covers basic safety tips on how to stay safe when handling home maintenance chores.

How do you stay safe while cleaning

Always wear gloves

A good pair of good, high-quality rubber gloves is a must. It might feel strange wearing them at first, but you’re doing your skin a favor. They always come in various sizes, so just pick one that is fitting to avoid tears and things slipping from your hands. Lots of pretty colors and styles, you may as well make it fun. 

Some products contain harsh chemicals on their ingredient list. Exposure to them can seriously damage your skin. But even homemade cleaning solutions like those made of vinegar or baking soda can dry up your hands and nails and cause unnecessary problems. Caked on dirt, grime, and dust as well. Avoiding contact with all of this is always smart. Professional Cleaners always wear gloves for protection, you should too. 

Open windows while cleaning

It’s inevitable that the tidying up is going to make some dust and dirt rise up and float in the air. That’s why airing the space while you’re doing these chores is essential. Even more so if you plan to use chemical products. Evaporation of those can harm your skin, your eyes, and even your lungs if the air in the room is not changed even once.

This is trickier during the cold months, or during unpleasant weather conditions. While it’s ideal to keep all windows open while you clean, just doing so every once in a while to create a draft that’ll change the air will do.

What Lacey WA maid service should I hire for the best results

Safely store all supplies

For your own safety, but even more important if you have children or pets living with you, storage of cleaning products is crucial to safety. Both store-bought and homemade need to be stored properly to ensure they remain safe.

We’ll list some of the most important storage and safety tips:

  • Always keep chemical agents in the original packaging, as it’s designed for that specific product, plus the packaging has info written on it you could need.
  • Avoid leaving supplies in direct sunlight or close to heat sources since some of them are flammable and many lose their potency with heat. 
  • Never mix products, especially if one of them is bleach or contains bleach. There are too many unpredictable chemical reactions that could put you in harm’s way when using bleach.
  • Always read the instructions and expiration dates and stick to them. Even if they seem like they advise you to be too cautious, it’s better safe than sorry.
  • Store your supplies where children and pets cannot reach them, like high shelves or cabinets, or even under some kind of lock if possible.

What Lacey, WA maid service should I hire for the best results?

Keeping your house in pristine condition can be quite exhausting. It takes time and energy, and there are so many things to keep in mind related to it. If you have to fit home maintenance chores into your already busy schedule, even more so.

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