How to Clean Your Child’s Room Like a Pro

Kids’ rooms are one of those places in the house where it’s hard to keep the space tidy at all times. Children don’t care about cleaning the way that we do unfortunately, so it’s not uncommon that their rooms look really chaotic from time to time (or all the time). And while you can always hire a maid service in Lacey, WA to help with house maintenance chores, ahead are some tips for cleaning your child’s room.

How should I clean my kid’s room?

Clutter, dust, dirt, and grime, no room in the house is immune to these. From a practical standpoint, cleaning your child’s room doesn’t differ much from doing so to any other room in the house. It’ll require decluttering, sorting, scrubbing, vacuuming, and wiping. 

That’s why the following advice focuses more on the aspects that are particular to the process when the room belongs to your child. The goal is to make it less intimidating and overwhelming for both you and the kids – especially the kids. 

How should I clean my kid's room

Include the kids in the process

When you want to tidy up your kids’ rooms, it might be tempting to do everything by yourself – it’s just sooo much faster!!. It’s true that you’ll most likely perform all tasks faster and with greater efficacy than the little ones. However, turning this into a teaching moment will help prepare them to do all these tasks independently in the future, or so we hope.

Cleaning together with your kids will teach them the key dos and don’ts of home maintenance, and doing it together might (we can only hope) help them overcome the aversion to cleaning tasks and help you bond – extra win. You can give them small tasks or patiently explain the steps of what you’re doing and they’re sure to be curious about it instead of discouraged.

Patience is key

You could be an extremely tidy adult who keeps their house squeaky clean and knows everything about the process down to the comprehensive history of cleaning products. You could be someone that doesn’t care that much about tidiness, and who tolerates some amount of clutter, dust, etc. Either way, you likely understand why you need to tidy your household.

Children often still don’t get this. Clothes piled around the laundry basket, windows full of fingerprint stains, and those smallest LEGO parts dangerously laying on the floor absolutely don’t bother most of them. If you’re the lucky parent whose kids like a clean space – celebrate, you are one LUCKY parent! Patience! We say it’s a virtue, but it sure is tough to practice when you get into your kids’ room. 

Try this –  explain why things should be done a certain way. Use practical examples and base your advice on safety and logic-based tips, not personal preferences. It will be challenging, but try to remember your child’s room is their space, where the goal is for them to feel the most comfortable.Let them choose where some stuff belongs, and be respectful of those choices – you may just end up with one of those tidy kid unicorns we’ve all dreamed of. 

Which reputable maid service in Lacey WA should I hire

Prioritize hygiene and safety

It’s hard to accept that your kids may just not be as focused on tidiness and cleanliness as you are, and may never be. There are simply people who prefer creative chaos and will stay that way even in adulthood. And that’s okay. However, hygiene and prevention of hoarding habits are important and something that should be taught.

When it comes to the way any of these chores are performed, health and safety should be the top priority. Follow all the health and safety tips for house cleaning. Avoid using harsh chemicals, as they could be a health hazard, no matter how effective. Open the windows to exchange the air and stick to mild products in your kids’ rooms.

Which reputable maid service in Lacey, WA should I hire?

Teaching your children how to keep their space organized and hygienic is an important lesson, but the action itself can often be a thing that you dread. Especially since there are more rooms to go through than just that one or a few.

We at American Maid Service of Olympia understand this. Our skilled and professional cleaners guarantee to thoroughly perform all the maintenance tasks you need. Feel free to reach out and leave the cleaning to us, while you enjoy an afternoon picnic with your family at Wonderwood Park. Doesn’t that sound nice??