8 Steps to Follow for a Clean Bathroom

8 Steps to Follow for a Clean Bathroom

The bathroom is definitely the place you least like to tackle. With all that scrubbing, it does take quite some time and strength to make it spick and span. However, if you have a good plan, you can make it go faster and more smoothly. 

With the available house cleaning services in Rainier, WA, it’s easy to reach out to a reliable company and have professionals deal with your bathroom. However, it’s still great to know how to order your tasks for better efficiency. Read on and find out. 

What to clean first in a bathroom?

In what order should I clean my bathroom

Apart from decluttering which is actually a preparation step before the clean-up, the first thing you should do is take care of the dust. You can use a long handle duster to deal with the corners, vents, and light fixtures, and then work your way down to the floor where you can use a brush and a dustpan to sweep dust and hair. Now you’re ready for elbow grease tasks. 

In what order should I clean my bathroom?

Once you’re done with decluttering and dusting, it’s time to move on to the next phase which is scrubbing. Here are the actions that follow. 

Apply products to your bathtub and shower

If your bathroom requires a deep clean, you should use a product based on acid to remove the buildup. However, if there’s no need for it, an all‐purpose detergent will suffice. In either case, spray your product onto the bath and shower and let it sit while you perform other tasks. 

Deal with other surfaces

Spray your all‐purpose disinfectant onto a cloth and start wiping down surfaces in top to bottom direction. Go over your shelves, towel racks, blinds, window sills, baseboards, and doors. Don’t forget doorknobs and light switches. 

Prepare floor solution

Get your floor solution ready on time so the chemical can dissolve well. Grab your disinfectant and pour it into a bucket of warm water according to the instructions on the label. Leave it aside for later. 

Go back to the bathtub and shower

By this time, your product will have worked its magic, so all you need to do now is scrub away the dirt it has loosened. Cover all the surfaces and then rinse with warm water and your shower and tub are all done. 

Move on to the vanity 

Spray your all‐purpose disinfectant onto your countertops, faucets, and sink, and use a dry cloth to wipe it. You can use a sponge to scrub any buildup before wiping it down. Remove streaks and splashes from your mirror with a home-made or commercial glass solution. 

Disinfect the toilet

Apply your usual toilet disinfectant on the inside of the bowl, making sure you reach under the rim. Let it sit while you deal with the seat, cover, and the outer side of the bowl using an all‐purpose spray. Finally, use a brush to scrub the inside and flush.

Mop the floor

Dampen your mop with the solution you have prepared and make sure you wring it well. Wipe the floor following the S motion and working your way from the farthest corner towards the door. Leave the floor to dry. 

What companies offer reliable house cleaning services in Rainier, WA?

What to clean first in a bathroom

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