6 Bad Cleaning Habits & How to Break Them

We may not even know that our daily cleaning routine has become a habit that’s gone a bit bad until we see its effects, such as poor indoor air quality or unproductive clutter. Cleaning companies can help make your home in Yelm shine, but you also need to adopt a healthy cleaning routine. It’s time to break your bad cleaning habits and start making changes for the better!

Here, we’ll discuss how to identify which habits might be hurting your health and well-being and what steps you can take to break them without feeling like you’re giving up or losing out in any way.

What bad cleaning habits do you have?

The worst cleaning habits are usually the most obvious. You’ll be able to break your bad habits if you start with achievable goals that don’t require a major overhaul of your lifestyle but do make it easier for you to keep things clean in the future. 

Here are some tips on how to change your bad cleaning habits:

  1. Using products that do not work

Many people end up using products that are either too harsh or do not work well with their cleaning routine at all. Think about the last time you used an ineffective product – your floors were streaky, your counters were sticky and grimy, etc…

Solution: Look up reviews and labels of cleaners before you buy them. 

  1. Using more or less laundry detergent than you need to

Nobody wants dingy laundry and it can happen very easily by using too much detergent. However, if you don’t use enough, then your clothes can end up smelling less than fresh after the wash cycle.

Solution: Use the right amount of detergent every time you do laundry by inspecting manufacturer guidelines more closely. 

  1. Not cleaning behind/under appliances often enough

It is common for people to not clean behind appliances often enough which causes unnecessary dust and dirt build-up. This is especially important if you have pets or children who do tend to make a mess.

Solution: Start looking under and behind your appliances once a week. There’s no need to go crazy with the cleaning here, just make sure nothing has been accumulating too much back there. And if something falls behind there like a toy or remote – don’t forget to pick it up.

  1. Neglecting different surfaces in different rooms

Many people will keep their homes tidy but only focus on the surfaces they use most frequently. For example, some people will make sure counters are spotless in the kitchen but do not take the time to wipe down the bedroom dressers or tables. 

Solution: Take a few minutes each day or week to wipe down all of your furniture no matter what room it is in.

  1. Not cleaning behind the toilet often enough

Everyone knows how dirty it can get behind a toilet. When you don’t clean behind it often enough, all of the dirt and grime has the potential to cause health issues down the road.

Solution: Make sure you do an easy clean between your bathroom visits. This will help remove any dirt or debris that might be stuck in there which will contribute to less build-up over time.

  1. Not cleaning the shower or bathtub enough

While you shower or relax in your tub, water falls onto surfaces where different bacteria can take over. This can very quickly cause a grimy build-up that is very unhealthy.

Solution: Make sure to clean your shower and bath 2-3 times a week (depending on usage) with an all-purpose cleaner. This will help prevent mildew from forming as well as give you peace of mind knowing it’s bacteria-free for you and those who enjoy using your bathroom too!

Where can I find professional house cleaning companies in Yelm?

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