How to Completely Eliminate Cat Hair from Your Home

How do I get rid of cat hair in my house

Cat owners know that while their furry companions add a lot of joy and comfort to their lives, they also leave something less desirable behind: cat hair. It clings to every surface, floats through the air, and settles in every nook and cranny. 

But don’t despair; there are several effective strategies to minimize and manage cat hair in your home. In today’s post, we take a look at how professional house cleaning services on Steamboat Island tackle the problem of cat hair. We outline 9 pointers that can improve your domestic sanitation and deliver a fresher living environment for all.

How do I get rid of cat hair in my house?

There isn’t one magic trick that will make cat hair go away. However, regular grooming, strategic cleaning, and a few helpful tools can make a world of difference in managing pet hair. Remember, dealing with cat hair is part of the package of having these wonderful pets in your life and with a few useful tricks up your sleeve you can make it work.

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1.  Consistent grooming is essential

Regular grooming can significantly reduce the amount of hair cats shed around the house. Brush your cat frequently—daily if possible, especially if they have long fur. Not only does this remove loose hair before it can drift onto your furniture, but it also helps distribute natural oils throughout your cat’s coat, improving skin health. 

2. Invest in the right tools

Effective cleaning tools are your best allies in the battle against cat hair. A high-quality vacuum cleaner designed to handle pet hair is crucial. Look for one with strong suction, specialized attachments for upholstery, and HEPA filters to trap allergens. Additionally, a good lint roller or washable lint brushes are indispensable for quick clean-ups on clothing and soft furnishings.

3. Wash bedding regularly

Cat beds and blankets are hair magnets. Wash these items weekly in hot water to help loosen and remove pet hair. If your cat sleeps on your bed or other furniture, use washable covers that can be regularly cleaned. This not only controls hair but also helps reduce allergens associated with pets.

4. Use slipcovers & throws

Using easily washable slipcovers on your furniture is a game-changer. Choose materials that are less attractive to cat hair, like microfiber or leather. Throws can also be helpful; lay them over spots where your cat likes to sleep, and then you can just scoop them up and wash them regularly.

5. Implement air purifiers

Floating cat hair can be a persistent issue, and an air purifier can help manage this problem. Again, a HEPA filter that’s effective at trapping pet dander and hair circulating in the air is a great solution. This not only helps keep your home cleaner but also improves air quality, which is beneficial for allergy sufferers.

6. Strategic furniture choices

When it comes to furniture, some materials are better than others at resisting cat hair. Leather and tightly woven fabrics are generally easier to clean and attract less hair. In contrast, velvety textures and loose weaves tend to trap more hair. If you’re considering new furniture, always keep your feline friend in mind.

7. Maintain regular cleaning routines

There’s no substitute for regular cleaning when it comes to controlling cat hair. Vacuum at least twice a week, and dust surfaces with a damp cloth to capture flying fur before it settles. Don’t forget to clean in hidden areas under furniture and in corners where hair can accumulate.

8. Address static cling

Static electricity can make cat hair stick to surfaces more stubbornly. Use a humidifier to maintain a moderate level of humidity in your home, especially during dry winter months. This reduces static and helps keep hair from sticking to fabrics and other surfaces.

9. Consider your cat’s diet

A healthy diet can improve your cat’s coat health and reduce shedding. Ensure your cat is eating high-quality food with the right balance of essential fatty acids that promote a healthy, shiny coat. Consult with your vet for recommendations tailored to your cat’s specific needs.

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