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American Maid deserves an 8 star rating!! Carol and her team are beyond amazing when they clean my home. She’s always so positive and sociable and really puts me in a great mood. I also appreciate her assisting me in small tasks like setting up a personal grocery cart due to my disability. Carol’s team is just the best!

Brandon Gauvreau

Olympia, WA

The team of ladies that came to our house yesterday did an absolutely superb job!! Our glass stove top and oven have not looked this good since we bought it years ago. And the marks are gone out of kitchen sink which I thought we were just stuck with those marks. We also can not thank you enough for the magic you worked in the bathrooms with shower doors and watermarks on a black toilet!! Thank you for helping us get our house looking its best to go on the market!


Olympia, WA

I’ve been using American Maid for at least a year and am very happy with their service. The team that cleans our home always does a good job. My kids always rush to their rooms because they love seeing how there beds were made that day with their stuffed animals. I’ve not had any complaints and highly recommend them, they’re great!

Veronica Rich

Olympia, WA

The American Maid team has been cleaning our house weekly for more than a year. The fact that they are a team makes them efficient and reliable. We had difficulties in the past with individuals working alone having to cancel at the last minute or frequently rescheduling. We have never had this issue with American Maid. They always call to tell us about what time they will arrive, and are in and out within 1-2 hours. They do a thorough job cleaning and will customize to your needs. Their prices are competitive. They are socially conscious, with monthly fundraiser drives. They have special offers every week but we have not taken them up on these extras. Finally, all the team members have been great with our dog(s)! I would highly recommend them.

Barbara Lazio

Olympia, WA

Does your cleaner bake you cookies while they clean? American Maid does… 🙂 They also do a great job cleaning…and they always seem to show up right when you need them the most. We’ve been with American Maid now for a while and we really like the job they do cleaning our house. I’d recommend you check them out if you are looking for a house cleaner.

Zachary Palmer

Olympia, WA

Tremendous Customer Service! I was impressed with American Maid Cleaning from the very first moment. I hired them to do a final clean of a ~3000 SF home we were moving out of. From the moment Mindy answered my initial call with a happy and genuine greeting, to her fully answering my questions, setting appropriate expectations, and not charging my credit card until they knew I was happy with their work, the entire experience was stellar. I recommend them highly. If we were still in Olympia, I would continue to use them. Hire them and prepare to be satisfied!

Adrianna Garrett

Olympia, WA

American Maid crews are always professional, always kind, flexible, go the extra mile, and they make a concerted effort to communicate well, especially in regard to their arrival time. Their work is wonderful and very much appreciated at our house. Even my cabinet fronts are wiped down and any special task requested is met with the greatest attempt to accommodate. I highly recommend the teams of American Maid!!

Kassie Ketchum

Olympia, WA

I have had American Maid clean our home for the past 5 years. They are on time, have great communication, easy to work with and respectful while in my home. I’m happy with the services I receive from American Maid and appreciate all they do to keep our home clean, and tidy. Thanks American Maid.

April Akers

Olympia, WA

All around good people. They all look for ways they can make your experience with them to fit your needs. Their focus is to be the best part of your day. So sit back and let them do the dirty work. It’s one less thing you need to worry about.

Sandra Caylor

Olympia, WA

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