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Try our 3 star house cleaning service in Olympia, WA

3-Star Cleaning

This is our baseline cleaning. This includes vacuuming, dusting, and wiping down of most horizontal surfaces. This package is great before gatherings or for someone who just needs a little help!

Try our 4 star Olympia, WA house cleaning service.

4-Star Cleaning

As our most requested cleaning package, this will provide you with a nice, thorough, cleaning throughout the house. Scrubbing and polishing of surfaces will be done to provide a shine throughout your home.

Experience our 5 star house cleaning service.

5-Star Cleaning

For the OCD in all of us, this full house cleaning will leave your home sparkling. We’ll bring in the big guns (tools and equipment) to detail, polish, and clean every inch of your home.

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Clean kitchen cabinets, counters, backsplash, sink, inside microwave, outside all appliances

Clean bathroom counters, cabinets, backsplash, faucets, knobs, shower/tub, toilet

Kitchen appliances

Floors vacuumed and mopped

Clean ceiling fans, lights, lampshades, and blades

Furniture and Personal Belongings

Baseboards, moldings, and stairs

Cabinets, drawers, closets

Doors, window frames, sills, lips, and ledges

Door knobs, hand rails, switch plates

Empty trash


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4-star cleaning

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5-star cleaning

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Your Neighbors Love Us

After 10 years of cleaning, we’ve kinda made a name for ourselves. But hey, don’t take it from us… see what others have to say.

Great company – the owner is an inspirational entrepreneur. Love their values and the way American Maid takes care of their employees: building the long-term relationships and promoting their growth. No wonder they end up doing an exceptional job for the clients!

Elena L.

Olympia, WA

These guys are amazing!! I love when they come to clean! They’re fast and efficient. I come home to a sparkling house every single time. They make my house cleaner than I’m ever able to. I can’t say enough good stuff about these people and their office staff. Thank you American Maid!

Michele Christin D.

Lacey, WA

5 stars for sure. I just lost my mom and I had to get her place cleaned quickly. I could barely talk when I called and Michelle was just wonderful. I needed someone to say “relax we’ve got this covered ” and she said just that. I really didn’t have to do anything. They came within days of the call. We discussed what I would like done and my budget and they did the rest. It actually came out to much less than I had even planned and the place is spotless. I had trouble even walking in the house for awhile but since they came it’s like a whole new place. Thank you again.

Jason G.

Olympia, WA

Our house cleaning services in Olympia, WA are flexible.

Clean Everything

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Gold Metal Cleaning

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