4 Reasons Why You Need to Perform a Move Out Cleaning

Leaving your old place in good shape is an essential part of any tenancy agreement. Just like it’s easy to forget that things still need to be thoroughly tidied up after you’ve settled in, most people often overlook how important it is to ensure a safe and healthy environment for new tenants, too. 

There are plenty of reasons why taking a bit of your time to do it is worth it. For starters, once you pack and move all your belongings, you’ll soon realize how dirty the place is. If the job suddenly appears too challenging to tackle, booking a professional move out cleaning in Olympia to help you fulfill your tenant’s responsibilities is always a smart idea.

Why is moving out cleaning important?

Relocating can be challenging regardless of whether you’ve moved a lot in your life or you’re doing it for the first time. There are probably thousands of arrangements yet to be made, but finalizing your lease on good terms will ensure a smooth move to your new home. And this is only one of many perks you can count on:

1. Get your deposit back

Recouping the most, if not all of your security deposit, can be a daunting task. You’ve probably read the tenancy agreement many times already, and you know all the areas that are expected to be neat and tidy by heart. 

By giving your old home a thorough scrubbing before you’ll leave, you’ll ensure that it looks at least as tidy and presentable as it was when you first rented it. This will give your ex-landlord precious little to complain about and make it easier for you to get your full deposit back. 

2. Get the best price 

In case you’re selling up and relocating elsewhere, getting your house staged by performing the final cleaning will not only ensure it gets the best possible price but sells faster, too. Cluttered and dirty houses are deal-breakers because they drive away prospective buyers and minimize potential offers.

3. Show respect to new tenants 

Clearing up after yourself is not just a standard practice, it’s considered common courtesy, as well. Skipping it easily translates into being disrespectful and inconsiderate of other people’s time. Just think about it. If your new place hasn’t been properly taken care of, would you be as excited to move in? Probably not. The same goes for new renters. So let them have peace of mind by making the relocation process easier on them.

4. Start with a clean slate

Moving from one place to another is a great chance to start over. This is the perfect moment to reflect on your lifestyle, habits you’d like to break, and the ones you want to build into your life. For instance, it only takes a few minutes to keep your bed all neat and organized. Or perhaps dealing with dirty dishes immediately after a meal is much more practical than leaving them in the sink.

Where can I schedule an extra-detailed move out cleaning in Olympia? 

Preparing to move out from your old place and wondering how to avoid cleaning penalties?  That’s where American Maid Service of Olympia comes in, to get your house squeaky clean and give you time to focus on other important aspects of the move. 

Thanks to more than a decade of expertise, we have developed proven methods and a client-oriented approach that allow us to fit all our services to your unique needs. We use transparent pricing, top-tier equipment, and eco-friendly products to earn your trust and ensure your safety. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us, whether you live near downtown Olympia or elsewhere in the area. Our seasoned team is at your disposal at all times and places. Give us a call!

The Beginner’s Guide to Move-In Cleaning 

What does a move-in cleaning include

While moving into a new house or apartment can be so exciting that you’ll immediately want to jump into decorating, some things need your attention right away. First, give your new place a good scrubbing. Although it may look perfectly tidy and safe at the first glance, make sure you start off on the right foot with a hygienic, germ-free place. 

But what does a standard move-in clean look like? And what contributes to how long it takes? In case you’re not sure how to do it yourself, we’ll provide you with some time-tested tips in the following article. However, if you need someone to ease the transition for you, keep in mind there’s always a professional move-in cleaning in Olympia to rely on. Read on!

What does a move-in cleaning include? 

Although there are quite a few ways to perform a move-in cleaning, tackling it before your boxes and furniture arrive is the ideal way to go about it. Just imagine all the hassle of working around your belongings, instead of focusing on the following steps:

First, pay attention to the kitchen area: 

  • Dusting and removing cobwebs 
  • Wiping and disinfecting countertops and cabinets 
  • Scrubbing the sink and fixtures
  • Sanitizing all the appliances
  • Degreasing the stovetop and the oven
  • Washing windows and window sills
  • Mopping the floors
  • Taking out the trash

Then, give your bathroom a good scrub:

  • Disinfecting shower/tub and the toilet
  • Scrubbing fixtures and sink
  • Wiping down the cabinets
  • Polishing glass surfaces
  • Vacuuming and mopping the floors

Take care of other areas, too:

  • General surface dusting and vacuuming
  • Eliminating cobwebs
  • Cleaning mirrors and other glass surfaces
  • Polishing furniture
  • Taking care of hard-to-reach areas and high-traffic surfaces
  • Mopping the floors

How long does a move-in clean take?

There are several factors that will add on time once you start dealing with your new home:

  • The size of your home
  • The current condition of the place
  • Help that is included

Although square footage is arguably the main one, the condition of the place can easily turn into your archenemy. For instance, moving into a brand new construction is way less challenging than settling into a place with some history behind it. The latter inevitably comes with dust, dirt, and grime well hidden in every nook and cranny of the house. This is why a meticulous cleaning approach might be a key element to a stress-free move.

Please note that you don’t have to do everything on your own. If some of the household chores seem too demanding for you and your family, let professionals take over. With all the specifics given, reliable cleaners will easily estimate the duration and the cost of the move-in clean you need.

Where can I book a comprehensive move-in cleaning in Olympia?

How long does a move-in clean take

You’re inundated with responsibilities and have no time to focus on getting settled properly? Or perhaps you’re planning a move soon, so you’re looking for experts to help you streamline the move out cleaning process and ensure you get your deposit back? Whatever the question, the American Maid Service of Olympia already has an answer! 

We earned our name and your trust thanks to almost 3 decades of experience, a client-oriented approach, and full transparency. All our services are covered by a 200% guarantee, which means you can count on all the perks of expert move out cleaning, or any other service you need, whether you live near Capitol Lake or elsewhere in the area. 

Give us a call today and book your appointment!

Top Tips for Speed Cleaning Your Living Room

You just got a last-minute call from your friends who want to stop by, and your living room has never been messier? Or perhaps you’re wondering how to balance your busy schedule with the amount of clutter accumulated in the room you’re spending most of your time in? 

Calling an efficient maid service in Rainer, WA will save you the bother of tackling the housework on your own. However, with the right tips, you’ll be able to deal with the giant mountain of chores in no time. Read on to learn more!

How can I clean my living room fast?

What is the best way to clean a living room

Follow these simple tips to get your living room looking decent in no time:

  1. Put everything back in its place 

In most living rooms, clutter usually accumulates on the coffee table. Similar to the morning ritual of making your bed, which sets an orderly tone to your bedroom, clearing up the coffee table will do just the same for the living room. So, make sure to take away the scattered items and put them back where they belong.

  1. Dust everything 

Once you’ve decluttered, the next step should be dusting the furniture and surfaces, as well as light fixtures, window sills, and door fronts. Remember to wipe them down, too, with a gentle cleaning agent. Homemade solutions are also a great option. For instance, a bit of baking soda on a paper towel will be effective on frames, lamps, and wooden pieces of furniture. 

  1. Clean windows 

This is a crucial part of the process because sparkling windows will bring shine back to your room. Simply place a stepladder under the window and wash the panes with warm water mixed with vinegar. If you have a squeegee, this task will be less of an endeavor.

  1. Vacuum the room

It’s vital to give the entire room a good vacuum to get rid of dust and dirt build-up. Also, taking care of your carpets and hardwood floors will benefit you greatly since they can absorb an enormous amount of bacteria and germs.

  1. Let natural light in 

Last but not least, open the curtains and let the light in. Making your living room brighter is a perfect finishing touch because it’s one of the most effective ways to elevate the mood of the space.

What is the best way to clean a living room?

  • Have a strategy – Tackling the room in the same order every time will make the process much easier. Whether you’re working on the most demanding areas first or you’re multitasking, a familiar system will help you speed up the chores.
  • Work top-to-bottom – If you found yourself double-checking and redoing certain areas, there’s a simple explanation: you’re probably working against gravity. Next time, try the top-to-bottom approach, instead of darting from place to place.
  • Keep supplies ready – Having all the right supplies at arm’s reach means you won’t waste time walking back to the cabinet under the sink or rummaging through your bathroom storage.

Where can I book dependable maid service in Rainer, WA?

How can I clean my living room fast

Right here! American Maid Service of Olympia is on the mission to provide Thurston County residents with a quality customer experience in a highly professional manner. Whether you’d prefer to outsource the tasks you don’t like, such as kitchen cleaning, or you’d like specialists to take care of your home completely, we’re here to help.

We built full transparency with our pricing and backed our services with a 200% satisfaction guarantee to earn your trust. If you’re not happy with our service for any reason, let us know and we’ll come back to reclean the area for free. 

Contact us today and get the service you deserve!

Why & How to Keep Your Kitchen Tidy

Being one of the most used rooms in a home, the kitchen easily becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and pests if not taken care of properly. Although people dread the idea of keeping the kitchen in tip-top shape, leaving it unhygienic can lead to serious health problems. But, what exactly is the best way to root out bad habits and keep the messiest room in order? 

Many homeowners turn to a reliable Rainer, WA maid service for help. However, if you’re ready to tackle the task on your own, following expert tips can make the process more pleasant. Here’s how!

Why is it important to clean the kitchen?

Although a few crumbs around your toaster is not something you should be worried about, keeping your kitchen in check has many benefits:

Why is it important to clean the kitchen
  • Preventing foodborne illness, such as Salmonella, Campylobacter, pathogenic E-coli, and Listeria
  • Keeping you and your loved ones safe (keeping bacteria and pests under control)
  • Extending the lifespan of kitchen appliances
  • Taking the hassle out of meal preparation
  • Allowing for smooth regular maintenance 
  • Enjoying the heart of your home more than ever before
  • Setting a positive example for your children

What are the 5 steps in cleaning the kitchen?

Here are five basic steps you need to consider when creating a thorough maintenance plan:

  1. Wipe down all surfaces 

This includes the countertops, cabinets, appliances, and sink. Be sure to get into all the nooks and crannies first: clear the counter of any leftovers, declutter the cabinets, and empty the sink. Use a non-toxic product and sponge to wipe them all down afterward.

  1. Do the dishes

Most people are not familiar with how fundamental it is to take care of the dishes, since the kitchen harbors more germs than the bathroom. So, there’s no wrong way to tackle piled-up dishes, whether you decide to wash them by hand or to use a dishwasher. Keep in mind to disinfect sponges, dish rags, drain boards, and other surfaces that get wet.

  1. Clean the fridge 

Preventing germs and bacteria from spreading is the most important reason behind keeping your fridge properly sanitized. Remove any expired food, give the shelves and interior walls a good wipe with a gentle disinfectant solution or hot soapy water. 

  1. Sweep the floors

Giving your kitchen a quick sweep will remove any pet hair or debris that may have accumulated over time. Also, this way you’ll get rid of any food that dropped on the floor while cooking. 

  1. Empty and wash all trash cans and recycle bins

Last but not least, don’t let your kitchen become waste storage. Trash cans are often home to bacteria and pests that can easily affect your health. To prevent this from happening, remember to take the trash out regularly and have a clean bag on hand. 

Where in Rainer, WA can I book an expert maid service?

What are the 5 steps in cleaning the kitchen

Are you looking for experts that can meet your schedule and fit your specific needs? Whether you’re not sure how to clean your living room efficiently or what’s the best way to deal with the bedroom thoroughly, American Maid Service of Olympia is here to answer these for you.

With years of expertise under our belt, powered by committed and skilled professionals, we can proudly say we set the highest industry standards. No matter what package you choose, we vouch for your happiness and safety. If by any chance you’re not completely satisfied with the service provided, we’ll come back to re-clean the area, free of charge. 

Reach out to us and we promise to deliver while you make the most of your day rediscovering Thurston County local gems. Give us a call today!

Bathroom Cleaning 101: A Complete Guide

Even though most people say that the kitchen is the hardest-working room in the house, it’s time to admit that keeping your bathroom spotless and hygienic can also be a major housekeeping challenge. Worrying about all the bacteria, microorganisms, and viruses can be exhausting, so it’s no surprise that many homeowners leave this task to specialized home cleaning services in Rainier or other WA cities. 

However, if you’re ready to tackle this task on your own, learn how to deal with your bathroom chores the right way.

What is the best thing to clean bathrooms with?

Investing in quality bathroom supplies and tools is essential for achieving excellent results. Here’s a list of some must-have items you’ll need for a fast clean-up:

What is the best thing to clean bathrooms with
  • All-purpose cleaner
  • Bleach or other acid-based products
  • Disinfecting wipes 
  • Microfiber cloths
  • Scrubbing brush
  • Dust cleaner
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Universal or professional tile mop

How effective are homemade cleaning products?

Mixing cleaning solutions you have at home can be just as effective as buying commercial ones, especially for simple cleaning purposes. Plus, they’re harmless to your pets and kids. By combining one part white vinegar with one part water with a bit of a lemon rind, you get a fresh-scent all-purpose cleaner formula.

What are the steps to clean a bathroom?

By using this step-to-step process, you’ll maximize the overall efficiency and turn the cleaning project you dread into a simple cleaning routine:

Step #1: Remove all the clutter before you start

Storing items in a more organized manner will allow you to have easy access to all bathroom areas. Let go of things you don’t use, gather up towels and shower rugs scattered around, and free up the space so you can actually use it.

Step #2: Dust and vacuum 

This is a great time to get rid of dust, too. A duster with a long handle will do the job, so be ready to say goodbye to your cobweb friends in the corners. Grab your vacuum afterward and suck off the dust, because a quick sweep can make a world of difference to your bathroom.

Step #3: Simplify it with an all-purpose cleaner 

With so many cleaning options on the market, choosing the right one for you can be a real challenge. Choosing a gentle all-purpose cleaner is usually enough when it comes to regular tub/shower maintenance. However, if there’s too much soap scum buildup, applying an acid-based product may be necessary. 

Step #4: Sanitize and polish other surfaces

To clean and polish glass surfaces, use a light household cleaner, squeegee, or a microfiber cloth. Wipe them down, spray them up, and make sure you wipe off excess drips.

Step #5: Hit all high-touch areas

Being the most unsanitary room in the house, disinfecting high-touch bathroom surfaces properly is vital to the process. To rid it of lurking germs, keep these in mind: door handles and knobs, sink, faucets, countertops, soap dispensers, grab rails, light switches, and toilet bowls.

Step #6: Mop the floor 

Simply submerge the universal floor cleaner into the bucket of cleaning solution and squeeze out the excess water. Don’t forget to give a good scrub to all hard-to-reach areas, too, particularly if you share a space with pets.

Where can I find professional home cleaning services in the Rainier, WA area?

What are the steps to clean a bathroom

You’re not sure how to deep-clean your bedroom or what some living room cleaning hacks are? You’d like to get all the perks of a clean kitchen but have no time to deal with chores?

When you’re facing an extensive cleaning checklist like this one, reaching out to pros is always a good solution. American Maid Service of Olympia is a certified house cleaning company, with 30 years of expertise behind. If by any chance you’re not completely satisfied with the service, we’ll dispatch our cleaners to re-clean the area, out of charge. Contact us today and we promise to deliver while you enjoy your day at one of Rainier’s famous pubs and cafes. Reach out at any time!

How to Clean a Bedroom Professionally

A hygienic and organized sleeping environment can reduce everyday stress and boost your well-being in record time. However, taking sole charge of cleaning is often frustrating since it can eat up your energy way too fast. But, what’s exactly the best way to kick your tidy-up routine in high gear?

If you’re living in Rainier, WA and you have no time to look for reputable house cleaning services, here’s the inside scoop on how to keep your bedroom spotless. Let’s dive right in!

How often should you deep clean your bedroom?

Although weekly cleaning prevents piling up the clutter, deep-cleaning your bedroom 2-3 times a year is always a smart move. However, if a tight schedule doesn’t allow that, the trick is to create a cleaning routine that helps you get on top of the bedroom chores at least once every two weeks. 

What’s the fastest way to clean your room?

To reduce the amount of dirt entering your home in the first place, breaking bad habits is essential. With just a few simple adjustments, stopping the dust and clutter at your doorstep won’t be such a tall task:

What's the fastest way to clean your room
  1. Adopt no-shoes policy

There’s a reason why every house has a designated storage area for shoes, so don’t be worried about imposing a rule on your friends and family. 

  1. Forget cluttering

Staying organized doesn’t have to be so complicated. By grouping similar items together, you’ll easily keep chaos at bay. Never leave your clothes out of the closet or the cosmetic products scattered all over your room. If necessary, have a junk drawer for numerous miscellaneous items you possess. 

  1. Keep your pets clean

Living with your furry friends means you should be ready to groom them regularly to prevent hair accumulation. Also, a towel can come in handy before inviting them into the room, especially if they have the privilege of spending time in your bed.

How do you clean a master bedroom?

There’s no joy in sprucing up the master bedroom only to discover, seconds later, that everything is in a state of utter mess. To create a routine that works for you, simply break the chores into smaller, efficient tasks:

  • Get rid of the clutter and take out the trash.
  • Keep the rugs and soft furnishings dust-free.
  • Clean all the hard surfaces with dusting spray and microfiber cloths.
  • Sanitize high-touch items (doorknobs, light switches, desk, nightstand, etc.).
  • Strip your bed.
  • Dust the furniture.
  • Polish the windows and clean window sills.
  • Make the mirrors sparkle.
  • Swipe the mantel with a dry microfiber cloth.
  • Dust-mop the cobwebs from the ceilings.
  • Vacuum and sweep the floor.

Don’t skip the en-suite bathroom 

Similar to the importance of a sanitized kitchen, bathroom cleanliness is vital for a safe home. Here’s a list of tasks to have a squeaky-clean en-suite bathroom in your master bedroom:

How do you clean a master bedroom
  • Sanitize the sink
  • Disinfect the toilet bowl
  • Clean the tub and the showerhead
  • Wash the shower curtains 
  • Wipe down the glass surfaces
  • Vacuum and mop the floors

Remember that unsafe cleaning agents can be harsh to the skin and irritate the upper respiratory tract. To avoid any health issues, using tested and approved cleaning products is crucial.

Where in Rainer, WA and vicinity can I book dependable house cleaning services?

Giving your bathroom an in-depth cleaning or wondering what’s the most effective way to clean your living room is for most local residents a burdensome idea. With American Maid Service of Olympia, you won’t have to tackle the chores yourself ever again. As the leading cleaning provider, we deliver a personalized process that will fit all of your needs. Leave the house in safe hands and treat yourself with a relaxing walk in Wilkowski Park or other Reiner’s gorgeous parks. Reach out to us today and get a free quote!

Fun Ways to Make Cleaning and Chores Better

Cleaning and tidying up can be boring, tedious, difficult, and can make us feel like we’re never going to get everything done. However, don’t despair! There are many ways you can make your cleaning more fun for kids or adults alike. 

In this article, experts from house cleaning services will share some ways to enjoy the process of cleaning your home in Yelm, WA so much that it feels like playtime!

How do you make cleaning fun for kids?

Making children listen to you carefully and do what they are told is not easy. A special kind of misunderstanding can occur when cleaning the house. Luckily, the following list can help you show children how easy and pleasant cleaning can be. Some of the tricks you can try with your little ones are:

How do you make cleaning fun for kids?
  • Let them help. If you want to get your kids interested in helping out, let them be a part of the process by giving them small household tasks they can manage on their own. Assign daily or weekly tasks for younger kids and give older ones more responsibilities like paying bills online (a great way to teach responsibility) or mowing the lawn. Whatever you do, make sure to give them an opportunity to hone their chore-tackling skills.
  • Let there be music! Listening to your favorite songs while cleaning can not only liven up the mood but also help pass time faster. 
  • Get competitive with family members by seeing who can complete their tasks first or having a weekly competition between siblings. This will not only encourage kids to do their chores but also teach them how to compete in a healthy and fun way.
  • Create a reward system for completing tasks. For example, if your children do the dishes every night before bed, let them choose one of their favorite books from the library or pick an activity you can do together with them. 
  • Try to make cleaning even more fun by adding some games or puzzles for children who are old enough to do them on their own.

How do you make chores fun for yourself?

Why would only little ones enjoy and have fun? You used to be a kid, too, so there’s no reason not to have fun while clearing up clutter and dusting. Some of the things you can try are:

How do you make chores fun for yourself?
  • Clean your home while listening to an audiobook or podcast. It can be very motivating and helps pass time faster than just listening to music. 
  • Ask your partner to help you create a reward system when cleaning gets difficult or overwhelming. 
  • Turn on some funny movies while you clean, like comedies! It might not sound fun but switching up the pace is what you need to keep going with your daily tasks.
  • Turn cleaning into a fun game! Try to set a timer and try to declutter your home as quickly and efficiently as possible.
  • Make it a habit to always end your chores with something relaxing and rewarding for yourself, such as treating yourself to dinner at your favorite restaurant or going out with friends.

Where can I find reliable house cleaning services across the Yelm, WA region?

Change your bad cleaning habits, get yourself motivated to clean and start scrubbing your home like a pro. This all sounds easy, but is anything but. Although cleaning can be fun, do you find it difficult to complete chores, especially after a long day at work? Wouldn’t you want someone to complete all of the chores for you? Why don’t you relax, visit a Longmire CommunityPark, and leave everything else to professionals?

You can do all this with our help. American Maid Service of Olympia is a reputable house cleaning company that will meet your expectations. We tailor our cleaning to your specific demands and requirements. Every service comes with 200% Iron-Clad, No-Risk, More-Than-Your-Money Back Guarantee. Give us a call now and book a meeting with one of our professional cleaners!

Getting Motivated: Tips and Tricks for a Sparkling Home

Housework is not exactly a favorite activity. It’s not easy to get motivated to start house cleaning. It feels like you’re never done with the task, and it can be frustrating just how much you have to clean around your home in Yelm, WA. 

But don’t worry! We have some life-hacks for getting motivated to clean so that you can finally start feeling confident and motivated to clean your home again.

How can I get motivated to clean my house?

How can I get motivated to clean my house?

In order to properly clean your home like a pro, it is necessary first of all to get rid of bad cleaning habits. However, even after this preparation, most homeowners simply do not have the motivation to deal with dust and clutter. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get you in the mood for cleaning:

  • Create a playlist to energize you. Choose fast-paced, upbeat music that makes you want to get up and move. You can also try different genres, including classical or instrumental music if your taste runs in that direction. When it comes time to clean the house, pop on your dance tunes while dusting to make tasks easier.
  • Clear away distractions by storing unnecessary items in boxes or cabinets until you’re finished with the chores. Also, refrain from sitting down and watching a bit of TV until you’re finished – relaxing afterward is far more rewarding.
  • Getting rid of clutter will boost your motivation to clean. A cluttered house makes it more difficult to see the “big picture” when you’re tidying up.
  • Hang inspiring messages around your home to keep yourself motivated during your big clean-up. It does sound silly, but it also works. You can do this by sticking colorful sticky notes in strategic places where you can see them while cleaning around the home without being too distracted at all times. 
  • If possible, enlist the help of another family member or friend and get them to assist you with your cleaning efforts. Working together can actually be a fun time instead of a drudgery. You’ll have company while keeping busy around the home. 
    Since everyone has different standards regarding household messes and dirtiness levels, make sure everyone knows what’s expected of everybody by clearly stating who needs to do what. Although this is not the fun part of cleaning together, it is necessary. 
  • Make cleaning into a game by trying to beat your own personal record for how quickly you can tidy up an area. You know, create a speedy cleaning challenge where you’re competing against yourself. 
    You can also challenge another family member to see who completes the most tasks in one day before going home from work. Getting competitive about housework might sound silly at first, but it’s good motivation.

Where can I get a professional house cleaning service in Yelm, WA?

Where can I get a professional house cleaning service in Yelm, WA?

Although cleaning your home can be fun, it’s easy to see why most homeowners feel exhausted after this endeavor. Few homeowners are able to devote their time to home maintenance and other interests while also dealing with other daily responsibilities. 

Fortunately, at American Maid Service of Olympia, we are always ready to assist you so that you can remove house cleaning from your neverending list of tasks. Leave the cleaning of your home to your professional cleaners, and spend quality time with family at The Pioneer Farm Museum & Ohop Indian Village instead. We will come to you with a custom cleaning checklist that is suited to your specific requirements at a reasonable price. Contact us today and get a free quote!

8 Incredibly Useful House Cleaning Secrets

Is it possible to clean your home like a pro? The answer to this question is not so simple – there are many cleaning secrets that make it easier to get your home spotless and shiny. On the other hand, you only need a few household items and a lot of elbow grease to get your home looking just as great! 

We’re here to help you give your home in Yelm a fresh start and teach you the biggest cleaning tricks and hacks that even some cleaning companies use. This will save you time and money while keeping your house sparkling clean. 

How do you clean your home more efficiently?

First of all, you need to make sure that you get rid of bad cleaning habits. Then, see what equipment and supplies you need. However, keep in mind that you can still get your house clean without spending much money by following these tips:

  1. Wash dirt with baking soda

Having trouble getting rid of dirt from hard surfaces? Try baking soda! It will make all sorts of stains disappear quickly and easily. 

  1. Clean with lemon juice

Lemons are pretty much anywhere, so it’s an affordable option when it comes to keeping everything sparkling clean around your home. Using cooking spray before using lemon juice is an easy way to ensure that the citric acid doesn’t stick or stain anything instead of cleaning it properly.

  1. Don’t let the dirt get anywhere

Having trouble reaching all those nooks and crannies? Try using an old toothbrush to get into all hard-to-reach spaces. 

  1. Get rid of stains with white vinegar

White vinegar is great for cleaning countertops, washing windows and getting rid of stains. It’s also a good idea to use it on any type of wood because it gets rid of all the nasty bacteria that can accumulate over time. 

  1. Keep your toilet looking great

If you want to keep your toilet looking as clean and shiny as possible, try adding a cup of white vinegar into the tank every so often. This will kill any bacteria that might have made its way inside there. It’s also a great stain remover for getting rid of rust stains around the rim or watermarks on other surfaces in your bathroom.

  1. Don’t forget about the fridge

Use baking soda mixed with a few drops of essential oil or lemon juice and wash the inside of your fridge. Also, place whole cloves inside an open container for about three days before throwing them away to eliminate any bad odors from within. 

  1. Clean your oven with baking soda

If you have built-up grease on oven racks or other hard surfaces, try making a paste out of water and baking soda before scrubbing everything down. You can also leave a mixture overnight to break down all sorts of stains if they’re particularly stubborn ones. 

  1. Wash up windows with lemon juice

If you want shiny windows, using lemon juice and cooking spray before washing up is an effective method for getting rid of marks and other stains. 

Where in Yelm can you find reliable house cleaning companies?

It’s really not easy to motivate yourself to start cleaning, but if you make cleaning fun for children, it can be a lot easier for you too. With a thorough deep clean of your home, you’ll feel rejuvenated, refreshed and relieved. But why would you do it yourself? At American Maid Service of Olympia, we can help select the best service for you – from bedrooms to bathrooms to kitchens! We have over 30 years of experience in house cleaning so leave it up to us and visit Yelm Historical Museum while our team gets busy with those tasks that take much time out of your day. Contact us today!