Hiring a House Cleaner: All You Need to Know

So, you decided to hire a professional cleaner? When you are looking for a dependable cleaning company, it can be a real challenge. A professionally cleaned home is money well spent and one of the best ways to do this, while still having time for yourself, is to hire an expert cleaning service.

So, before reaching out to experts who offer house cleaning services in Lacey, WA, you need to explore your options and make sure to pick a company that’s right for you. And this, in fact, will answer your first question: How can you let strangers in your house? 

What do I need to know to hire a house cleaner?

  1. Decide what you want

Do you want a professional cleaning service to handle your chores on a weekly basis or do you need a one-time deep clean before you put your home on the market? Certainly, there are many valuable benefits of hiring a cleaning company. Check out different options and decide when you have all the information needed.

  1. “Espionage”

Research first. Good words are the best advertisement. After family, friends and neighbours, you should check social networks for recommendations. You are searching for a trustworthy, responsible and ethical company.

  1. Make a list

Do you need deep cleaning and washing or do you just want someone to wipe some light dust from the ceiling fan? Do you have something in particular that needs to be taken care of with special attention? Write everything down so you don‘t forget.

  1. “Rendezvous”

You should set up a meeting after you find a potential company you’d like to hire. This is the time when you can ask the provider everything that bothers you. They will explain what their services entail and how they will approach different cleaning challenges. Feel free to share your expectations and needs, ask any questions you may have, and point out any possible concerns. 

  1. Nervous?

If you still feel a bit uneasy, maybe you can stay home with your cleaner for the first appointment. It is totally understandable, but you do not have to follow them on every step. Eventually, you will feel more comfortable and be able to take some time to yourself while the cleaners handle your household chores.

  1. 2+2=

Calculate your costs. You should consider your budget and ask for a price estimate to see if a particular service meets your needs. However, bear in mind that lower prices don’t mean that a service is of low quality, nor does the highest price guarantee you best bang for the buck.

  1. Trust is a game, a game of time

A certain amount of time must pass before you can build trust and a relationship with someone. Eventually, you will feel completely comfortable with someone handling your chores. You will find yourself completely relaxed while you go out with your friends and family to Olympic National Park.

Where to find house cleaning services in Lacey, WA?

Tired? Cleaning can be really time consuming and give you more stress than relief that you get after cleaning. At My American Maid Service of Olympia, we will help you enjoy the rest of the day while we give your home a fresh, clean look. And remember: we don’t just clean – we protect. Call us now and let professionals take over!

4 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Service

It is not at all easy to keep your home clean. If you are working full time, this task is close to impossible. And you need to have some time for yourself, right? If so, why not leave household chores to professionals and choose from various cleaning services to save some time and effort.

If you are living in Lacey, WA, there are exactly four reasons for you to schedule house cleaning. In order to help you, here are the rational solutions to your cleaning situation.

What are the benefits of hiring professional house cleaning services?

  1. Experienced pros

Well, the first reason might be pretty obvious, but your professional cleaners are really just that – professional cleaners. This means that they will come when it suits you and will bring experience, necessary equipment and cleaning materials. They know the best methods and products to leave your place absolutely spotless. Even the toughest stains stand no chance. 

Additionally, professional cleaners have tools and knowledge as they’ve encountered many cleaning challenges over the years. And this is one of the factors to consider when hiring a cleaning service. Once you are back in your fragrant and shiny home, you will never want to clean yourself again.

  1. Saves time and money

It is true. How many reasons can you come up with to procrastinate and say that you will clean tomorrow? On top of long working hours, exhausted afternoons from cooking and caring for the family, who has energy for cleaning the whole house? 

All the walls, floors, woodwork, staircases and furniture need to be cleaned and well maintained to stay fresh. The longer you leave dust and oil on such surfaces, the more difficult they will be to clean and the more likely they will leave permanent effects that can not be undone.

So, instead of tackling all these chores, why not spend some quality time with your family and friends or do something that is important to you? Hiring a professional cleaning service will allow you to do that.

  1. A fresh and healthier home

A clean home is a healthy home. Do you know what items have more germs than any other part of the house? You use them everyday and they can be hotspots for bacteria — handles, knobs, light switches. They should be cleaned at least once a week. A professional will make sure you get disinfected and scented home when you come back after a long day at work.

  1. It is all in the details

Do you really have time and energy to rub and wipe all those little stains on every inch of your bathroom tiles? Every crack and crevice, window blinds, ceiling fans, baseboards, and many other overlooked spots should be cleaned. Of course, these are just some of the items on a professional cleaning checklist

What are the benefits of hiring professional house cleaning services

Where in Lacey, WA can you find experts in house cleaning?

A comprehensive cleaning of the whole house is just what you need to get that sense of relief that we all want. At American Maid Service of Olympia, we can help you select what service is needed for your home. You will be thrilled because your home will have a lasting sparkle and freshness. With our help, your home will be so clean that you will fall in love with it all over again. While our team handles the cleaning, you and your family can visit the Lacey Museum. Reach us today & leave the job to the experts!