10 Reasons Why You Need a House Cleaning Service

Pandemics and protests and politics, OH MY! Our lives seem exceptionally more crazy these
days, don’t they? Trying to create a new normal is a full-time occupation. Every time I think I
have a routine started, something else seems to get thrown into the mix and I have to start over.
Life was fast before all this and it’s like warp speed now! Who can keep up?

You probably don’t need 10 reasons to get a housecleaning service, especially now, but in case
you or your family may be on the fence…

10. This is what we do. And we’re good at it! It’s our passion and goal to help you! We can get
it done faster, more thoroughly, and more regularly.

9. Fur babies…we love ‘em, but man! This time of year it’s a wonder they’re not bald, right?
And if you have cats…their <ahem> digestive issues can be problematic.

8. Less fighting…with the kids and the partner about who is supposed to do what. And the
enforcement. Research shows that household chores are a close 2 nd to financial issues when it
comes to family discord. Call it a “day off” for everyone when the cleaners visit. Namaste.

7. Less guilt. In today’s world, we are expected to appear to have it all together. To do more
and more without breaking a sweat. Delegation is the new “word of the day”. Some things are
worth paying for.

6. Drawer and closet syndrome. Since we have recently had more time at home, perhaps this
scenario will seem familiar:

You start cleaning in your kids’ room. You think, “Maybe I should sort through their clothes.
They’ve grown a lot lately!” Ideas start popping into your head about maybe a new coat of paint
or rearranging the furniture. Before you know it, two hours have flown by and the rest of the
house is untouched. This rabbit hole is not a problem for a cleaning service! We get the
cleaning done so you can sort out drawers and closets. Win-win!

5. When was the last time you emptied your vacuum? Or changed the filter? Or the belts?
Have you ever cleaned off the brush roller? Most homeowners use their vacuums and then put
them away. We clean ours out daily. This makes them the most effective, like new, in your

4. Go look around your house and count how many different cleaning products you have. 3 or
4 for the kitchen, another 2-3 for the bathroom, dusting products, floor cleaners, air cleaners,
cloths, brooms, and trash bags. Does making space appeal to you? We bring ours and then
take them back out. Yeah baby!

3. Time. Because of the pandemic, perhaps your hours were cut at your previous job and you
had to go get a 2 nd job to fill in. With the family being home even more now, it seems that the
house is never clean. You can buy time…and you will be glad you did!

2. You’ve been cooped up for a long time. You need to get OUT OF THE HOUSE! Go outside
and enjoy the summertime with your family…or your friends, maybe? Let us transform your
home for your return. You might even cry tears of joy!

1. You’ve fantasized about what it would be like to have someone clean for you. To come
home and bling! it’s done! You imagine kicking off your shoes and sinking into your favorite
chair with a beverage and relaxing after work and smelling all the cleanness. It’s done. (cue
fairy music).

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