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Thank you to all our fans! We work hard to get you the service that is perfect for you and we appreciate that you reward us with your praise and referrals! Thank you one and all! If you are looking for a house cleaning company that goes above and beyond for you, we are the service for you. Fill in the form to the right to recieve free consultation performed by one of our trained Team Coaches. Experience the difference!

    The gang just left, Donnie did an awesome job in my bathroom, got the fixtures around the sink really well, etc. Audry and Alex did great work too. All of your people are so nice it makes it easy to have them in for cleaning help.

    Kathleen M.

    Hi: I owe you a rating and I have to give Terri and her team a 5. It was nice to have her back this week. I have missed her. There are always little things that she does that the other teams never do and I appreciate her. Thank you!


    Your crew was here today...absolutely 5's across the board. friendly, thorough, and efficient. Thanks again for all the wonderful work you all do!

    Brinn S.

    Thank you! Carol's team is fabulous! 5 stars!

    Ramona A.

    First of all, let me just tell you how greatly I enjoyed speaking with you and how much peace of mind you gave me about this whole process. After we spoke, I was so satisfied and assured about my decision to receive your services. It was truly a pleasure! I immediately called my husband (he is now in El Paso for work) and expressed to him how great you are and how you really took the time to find out what exactly I was trying to accomplish with this house. He is as delighted if not more as I am!! Also, I have read through the service agreement and I am more than pleased and in full agreement with your policies. It’s a real comfort knowing my satisfaction is a priority!

    Anne E.

    Hi Mindy - they came and did a terrific job! Thank you so much. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being highest, I give them a 10+.

    Jean C.

    I meant to write after the last service. Diana did a wonderful job as lead person filling in for Sandra- who is also wonderful. She did a great job, like Sandra, talking things over with me too! Looking forward to seeing them tomorrow.

    Konnie S.

    Hi Mindy--- I like seeing your picture on the email – it puts a face to the friendly voice --- LOVE LOVE LOVE my American Maid Cleaning Teams – they are CONSISTENTLY doing a great fob – THANK YOU so much!

    Teresa T.

    Rating is 5 as usual... though I do have a question... I am having trouble keeping my stove top as clean as you do... can you give me some advice on how to keep it clean? Thanks!

    Laurel B.

    Your service has been a big help – it came at the right time in my health problems. Thank you all so very much.


    I just want to thank you and your team for doing such a wonderful job on my house. They didn’t miss a trick! Awesome! I can now relax and enjoy my visit from my Dad because my house looks great! Thanks a million to all of you!

    Darla K.

    Thanks to the team for all their work to include cleaning my slider. It's wonderful to come home to a beautifully clean home. I don't know why I waited so long to do this. I really appreciate what you are doing for Safeplace and I am really glad you are cleaning my house.

    Gail M.

    I could take an hour, but I will only take a few minutes to sing the praises of Carol. She took total responsibility for everything that went awry in my house last Thursday. I know there were unforeseen things that were not her fault, not anyone’s fault really, yet she took the blame because she was the Team Coach. That is a very telling thing and speaks highly of her character. Mindy always makes me feel like nothing is more important to her at that moment than talking to me and making sure that my home is taken care of. I also LOVE the courtesy call on cleaning days re: the Teams ETA.

    N. Morgan

    One thing I really like is the workers always find time to do one little extra thing. I usually discover it later & it is so pleasing to find something cleaned that I had not expected!

    Virginia B.

    Please extend my gratitude to Terri and her team. Again, they did a beautiful job of leaving my house spotless. Whoever baked the cookies also did a marvelous job. Keep it up and I’ll have to send you a bill for my Jenny Craig program – just kidding of course. Your little gestures of kindness are very much appreciated. Great people – great company. Thank you!


    5's all around from us! We love Terri and her team. They are fantastic and know the areas that need extra TLC. You and your crew and the office are always a pleasure to work with as well, so accommodating to my changes in schedules!! THANK YOU!!

    Donna C.

    I want to let you know how much I appreciate my WOW day from last week. The girl’s shined up Mike’s desk and swept all of the outside porches.... Everything inside was great too! I greatly appreciate the attention to detail and the kids love their Wed. cookies! A Big Five for my team!

    K. Opitz

    You are correct - Audrey and her crew did their magic. Thank you for scheduling her with us - we are very pleased with the outcome.” Thanks again.

    Kerry A.


    Terry T.

    Mindy, Wanted to give a number 5 rating to our cleaning crew. Thank you so much, we appreciate the good work that they do for us. Have a happy new year.

    Shannon H.

    You guys were a definite "5" this week. Thank you for another year of great service!

    Janice S.

    I’m very happy with the cleaning I’ve been receiving and would give it a 5. I’ve been here the last few times and they are such wonderful people. A few (Carol) has known Yoshi my dog for so many years now, they’ve become part of the family.

    Tara T.

    Our cleaning was fabulous. Thank you to Christina! She went above and beyond what was requested. They are all such nice people.

    Linda S. (Cleaning for a Reason participant)

    Mindy, I just wanted to say thank you for sending Audrey and Kevin!!! They were amazing, my house hasn’t been this clean since I moved in! Audrey and Kevin were friendly and professional, they listened to what I wanted, then jumped right in. My husband almost didn’t recognize the house when he got home. We’re so impressed that we would like to sign up for continued house cleaning twice a month (that’s what Audrey recommended) Thanks again for a job well done and a great crew!

    Brinn S.

    The rating for the team...especially Ms. Carol ... is always a 5+. You guys are the best and thank you for using CYS as your community service project. I truly appreciate your generosity and we sure do need the things for transitional youth housing. Thanks again...

    Sandra M.

    Your American Maid Team is wonderful. Kevin and Alex did a great job last Friday working hard under Audrey's vigilant eyes. Everyone who comes to the house, Carol, Terry, and Robin, to name a few, are extremely professional, detailed oriented and proficient. On top of it, they all enjoy their jobs, do the work gladly and are loyal to their employer. It appears that the American Maid company has achieved what many employers are hoping to do: create a supportive, fun and nurturing work environment where employees are empowered to pursue their goals while being part of the family. Great job! Your rating is 5. Thank you for all that you do to help make life easier.

    Johanna and family

    I just wanted to let you know thank you so much for the extra cleaning that they did on Monday. I just thought it was a great courtesy and I really appreciate what you guys do for your clients and me being one of the clients I am very lucky to have you- thank you!

    Joy P.

    I have been a client of American Maid for over 10 years and they are the best! I am a clean freak and they always exceed my expectations! The entire staff and owner are the nicest, most professional group you will ever meet. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Joyce W. of McAllister Place

    Wanted to let you know that you are getting a 5 on your SE rating! We have been very pleased with the consistency of the service over the past months! Thanks again for all your help!

    Kelly L.

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