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Each American Maid team member is trained and comes to your home fully bonded and insured. Our teams are guided by a number of ethical standards to ensure we deliver the best possible customer experience every time we come to your home. As a customer taking advantage of the top rated cleanings we would like you to have the best customer experience every visit. To ensure we deliver on all our services our staff is trained to treat our customers the way we would like to be treated. Before any of our team members step into a home we make sure they are fully focused and ready to commit to our entire process of delivering a quality cleaning. Our continuous elevation of cleaning standards has led us to reform cleaning tactics to efficiently save you time and money.

A - LIZ  Owner & Head Coach - 1993

I am proud to work with the people I do and to provide the services we do. My passion for cleaning homes began at the age of 11. It was how I stood out from my 7 siblings!

H - MINDY  League Manager - 1998

With over 18 years clean and sober, Mindy has dedicated her life to American Maid and the people who work day in and day out to help you have a better life.

R - CHRIS  Team Coach, Play Maker & Culture Coach - 2004

Since 2007 Chris has worked in the field as a Team Coach. She is currently is our Culture Coach and Playmaker, handling scheduling and making sure that our Team Members have what they need.

10 - MICHELE  Assistant Coach, Team Player & Office Assistant - 2015

Michele assists in the office with the phones and tracks some of our internal systems, including our MVP of the Month and Service Excellence Programs.

L - CAROL  Team Coach - 2002

She is our longest running Coach. She loves going to the movies with her son.

Q - TERRI  Team Coach - 2003

2nd longest running Coach. She loves being a wife & mother.

K - SANDRA  Team Coach, Team Coach Leader, Equipment Coach - 2005

Loves country music & romance novels.

X - AUDREY  Team Coach - 2005

She loves garage sales & digging for buried treasure.

4 - HEATHER  Team Coach & Trainer - 2011

The tree hugger. Loves fantasy books.

W - MIKE  Assistant Coach & Trainer - 2010

Likes to wear hats & spend time with his girlfriend.

J - JESSICA  Team Coach in Training - 2008

Lies spending family time around a bonfire & listening to country music.

U - DIANA  Assistant Coach - 2006

Loves to go dancing & eat Mexican food.

V - KEVIN  Assistant Coach - 2008

Likes seafood & Monster energy drinks.

S - JILL  Assistant Coach - 2010

Loves spending time with her daughter & doing oudoor activities.

2 - JACOB  Assistant Coach in Training - 2012

Loves super heroes & wants to go into real estate.

P - KERRIE  Assistant Coach - 2008

She likes things to be fair in all aspects of life.

E - DESIREE  Assistant Coach & Policy Patrol - 2014

Loves horses & outdoor activities.

Y - SUSANA  Team Player - 2010

Loves to go bike riding.

N - CHELLY  Team Player - 2013

Loves taking her kids to the park.

C - EMILY  Team Player - 2014

Dedicated student. Will be going to college next year.

F - CHRISTINA  Assistant Coach in Training - 2015

Loves to have BBQ's & spend time with family & friends.

M - TAYLOR  Team Player - 2015

Has a dog that she couldn't live without named Patch.

T - CANDACE  Team Player - 2015

Loves dinosaurs & all animals.

7 - NICOLE  Team Player - 2015

Likes to go with the flow.

1 - ANDY  Team Player - 2001

Has a beautiful accent & likes to shop at Trader Joe's.

3 - TIM  Equipment Manager - 2009

Liz's husband & the "fix it" guy.

5 - GAVIN  Game Promoter - 2013

Liz's son & our amazing photographer.

B - JOSH  Rookie - 2015

Likes to play video games & go bowling.

O - BRITTNEY  Rookie - 2015

Has 3 children & loves cheetah print.

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